Meet Willo:

The world's first fully automated toothbrush for kids.


What is Willo?

Make oral care effortless, effective, and independent with Willo, the first fully automated kid's toothbrush. Our innovative technology manages the brushing experience from start to finish, so you can trust your kids are getting consistent coverage every single time, even in hard-to-reach areas.

Why Willo?

Empower your child’s healthy smile and say hello to smoother brushing routines, easier bedtimes, and brighter mornings. Clinically tested and evaluated, Willo fosters independence while providing exceptional dental care at the touch of a button.


better plaque removal in hard-to-reach places

Willo’s unique deep-cleaning motion removes 300% the plaque of manual brushes.



34,000 automated bristles provide complete coverage for your kid’s teeth.

How Willo Works

Willo AutoFlo+

Kids simply place the OptiClean brush head in their mouth, and Willo does the rest.

After your child presses the start button, water and liquid fluoride toothpaste will travel from the brush base station, through the handle, and into the brush head. The bristles, angled at a perfect 30 degrees, gently sweep back and forth across the teeth and along the gum line. When the toothbrushing cycle is complete, the AutoFlo+ automatically rinses out to the sink, making brushing virtually mess-free. 

No more manual effort or supervision needed! And the Willo companion app allows you to remotely monitor your kid's progress from your phone, while also rewarding them for maintaining healthy habits.


Why Brushing Baby Teeth Matters

Baby teeth may be small, but they play a big role in your child’s health. They act as placeholders for permanent teeth, and without a healthy set, children may struggle with chewing, smiling, and speaking clearly as they grow.

Establish good dental hygiene habits and techniques early on in your child’s life to help prevent cavities, pains, infections, and extra trips to the dentist.

“We created Willo because brushing kids’ teeth really matters, and the best way to get them to brush is to make it as easy AND effective as possible.”

- Dave Fox, Chief Executive Officer, Willo

About Willo

Willo exists to improve the oral health of children around the world by eliminating brushing mistakes and frustrations for both kids and parents.

Leveraging innovation, technology, and decades of experience in oral health, our team of engineers, designers, and dentists created our products to transform toothbrushing for children.