Toothbrushing transformed

Manual plaque removal is the mainstay of oral health, but many children struggle to brush their teeth effectively. Willo delivers effective automated toothbrushing for every child, every time.

Why the need for Willo?

Effective toothbrushing with a manual toothbrush may pose several challenges for children:

  • Lack of dexterity
  • Limited patience and focus
  • Understanding of proper techniques

Power toothbrushes promised a leap forward from manual toothbrushing challenges. Yet even with traditional power brushes, the challenges associated with inadequate motor skills, a lack of dexterity and attention to detail prevent many children from obtaining good plaque removal results daily. Willo offers the consistency of action to help children establish effective oral hygiene.


Where children may struggle with effective toothbrushing

Manual Toothbrushes

Power Toothbrushes


Consistent bristle position

Consistent bristle motion

Consistent duration of brushing

Willo Works differently.

  • Ensures all tooth surfaces and hard to reach areas are brushed consistently 
  • Flexible silicon mouthpiece fits around the teeth and adapts to different dental anatomies, especially as primary teeth are lost and replaced by permanent dentition 
  • Unlike manual or powered toothbrushes which are moved around the mouth, Willo’s bristles are in contact with the teeth for the duration of the brushing cycle

Up to 7x more plaque removal

A randomized, single-center, examiner-blinded study, showed that the Willo automated toothbrush demonstrated significant plaque removal during a single use compared to an ADA approved manual toothbrush in children aged 5-13. (p<0.001,N=63) [DoF]

  • Reduction in plaque measurement -60% after brushing with Willo compared to 20-25% with a manual toothbrush
  • Willo was superior in all areas of the mouth with up to 7.1 times more plaque removal vs the control toothbrush in the posterior lingual region [DoF]

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Effective toothbrushing with a manual toothbrush may pose several challenges for children. Read more in our discussion document -

The Automation Advantage for Pediatric Oral Health.


"Willo is unlike anything else that's on the market...easy, effective, efficacious, efficient and fun". JR, Dental Hygienist

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